Почтовые решения (POSTOLO)

Postal Solutions

SQUALIO is a highly experienced IT service provider for post, trade and finance industry. SQUALIO offers postal solutions, such as postolo point of sales (POS) for post offices and postolo post banking system (PBS).



POSTOLO POS is a new generation point of sales systems. POSTOLO brings the customer:

  • Centralized working place for post officers supporting all post office operations;
  • Access to all post office transactions via touch-screen;
  • On-line support with data storage in central database;
  • Off-line support with synchronization to cenntral database.

This is also achieved by the experienced development team which has 10+ years of experience with postal systems development. Therefore, the client – supplier history is mutually rich. A successful product deployment for the customer has proved the quality and reliability of POSTOLO POS thus minimizing the possibility of any system failure.


POSTOLO PBS is a new generation postal banking system. Products core functionality includes:

  • Account management – PBS account administration as well as reporting services regarding PBS account balance and client information;
  • Direct debit payments – customer delegates bill payments. Monthly bill payments are sent directly to POSTOLO PBS and then PBS pays the bills from client accounts;
  • Cash payments and withdrawals – payments and billing in cash withdrawal and deposit as well as transfer between PBS accounts and transactions to other credit institutions;
  • Regular payments – predefined payments bound with PBS account intiated on specific time or triggered by a specific operation;
  • Public utilities payments – public utilities payment processing;
  • Money transfers to PBS accounts or adress, or any bank.

The POSTOLO PBS system is built to enable a Back Office user access to PBS services. The Back Office management application provides access to specific back office functionality regarding bankikg services – payments, money transfers, batch processing, etc.

More information about POSTOLO

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